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Innovation Voucher Programme is the Tamil Nadu Government’s flagship grant-in-aid scheme for supporting Start-ups and MSMEs. This programme aims at promoting Research and Innovation amongst Start-ups and MSMEs. Companies working at innovative research can avail grant upto Rs.5 lakhs with the assistance of Knowledge Partner.

MAFBIF proudly declares that around 24 Lakhs has been sanctioned to our incubate members for their innovative thought. We appreciate and announces the IVP Winner where MAFBIF is the Knowledge partner.


CEO, ROMA Enterprises

Innovative idea: “Commercialization of Illamathi- a Phytojuvenoid hormone for enhancing silk productivity”

Budget Sanctioned: 2 Lakhs


CEO, Rainbow Enterprises

Innovative idea: “Production of Micronutrient Mixture to enhance quality and yield of mulberry leaves”

Budget Sanctioned: 2 Lakhs


CEO, Jiya Biotech

Innovative Idea: “Commercialization of Probiotics formulation as growth enhancers of Mulberry silkworm”

Budget Sanctioned: 2 Lakhs



CEO, Valento Enterprises

Innovative Idea: “Production of decomposable plastic from silkworm cocoon waste”

Budget Sanctioned: 2 Lakhs


Mr. P. Jeevanatham

CEO, Poovanthi Organic Products

Innovative Idea: “Formulation of Chemical Free Organic Handwash from Sapindus emarginatus’.

Budget Sanctioned: 2 Lakhs

Dr. T. Geetha

CEO, Uyiriyal Biotech

Innovative Idea: ‘Commercial Spray Dried Formulation of Bacteriocin – An Alternative to Antibiotics ’

Budget Sanctioned: 2 Lakhs

Dr.R.Nagganatha Suganthan

Director, Utilis Biosciences

Innovative Idea:  “OrchiDia- Test Kit for detecting viral infection in Orchids”

Budget Sanctioned: 2 Lakhs

Ms. M. R. G. Sangeetha

CEO, MRGS Agro Traders

Innovative Idea:  “Portable Solar Dehydrator”

Budget Sanctioned: 2 Lakhs

Ms. S. Gayathri

CEO, Herbo Queen Enterprises

Innovative Idea:  “Validation and Commercialization of Forest Based Skin and Body Care Products”

Budget Sanctioned: 2 Lakhs

Dr. R. Ramamoorthy

CEO, Aara Enterprises

Innovative Idea:  “Talc Based Nano Composite Formulation for Silkworm Disease Management”

Budget Sanctioned: 2 Lakhs

Mr. M. Subhash Krishnan


Innovative Idea:  Wood seasoning technology for Industrial application of Melia dubia

Budget Sanctioned: 2 Lakhs



CEO, Foris Enterprises

Validation and Commercialization of Livestock Feed from Neolamarckia cadamba Leaves – VALUE FROM WASTE

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