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EDII-MAFBIF offers incubation and pre-incubation services to its members inorder to upscale entrepreneurship skill among the members and create networking linkages in the market.
  • Upon acceptance to the Incubator program, a Team may be designated for each client company. Team members will be drawn from the Incubator staff, scientists of the TNAU/ FC & RI / ICRAF and other entrepreneurs in the community.
    • The responsibility of the Team will be to meet regularly with the company representatives to review business development/progress and advice on strategies and ways to achieve business development goals. Referrals will be made to relevant professional advisors and other sources of business and technical assistance.
    • Regular feedback will be provided by the Team to Incubator management regarding the company‚Äôs progress and needs.
  • The Incubator offers a series of seminars and workshops on topics relevant to early stage companies. A calendar is provided by email each month and upcoming events can also be found on the Incubator Web site
  • The Incubator will create Emerging Agro-forestry Business Network which provides Incubator clients the opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs, professionals and investors from the community. A free membership in this Network is provided for each Incubator client.
  • Assistance with budgeting, tax and reporting issues can be provided by Incubator recommended organizations.
  • Capital needs, possible sources/linkages for obtaining capital (Angel Investors, Venture Capitalist, Crowd funding), timeframe, structuring of deals and alternatives will be discussed among the company, Incubator management, the Mentoring Team and other advisors. These needs may call for strategic brainstorming sessions to be carried out with appropriate advisors/consultants.
  • Initial social media releases and a limited number of additional releases will be sent out for special events/specific articles as determined by the EDII-MAFBIF. If additional PR support is needed, referrals will be given to Incubator approved/affiliated organizations.
  • Assistance in marketing/brand building/PR strategy development
  • Assistance (in a limited way) is available for writing and editing of press releases, Web site content, marketing collateral content, biographies, corporate backgrounders/fact sheets, editorial features, white papers, bylines, case studies and award/speaker abstracts. If additional support (graphic design, printing, hosting, etc.) is needed, referrals will be given to Incubator approved/affiliated organizations.
  • Clients are encouraged to actively participate in the Incubation Program. However, the use of the Incubator name and/or logo in any public release requires prior approval by/from the Incubator team.
  • EDII-MAFBIF or its advisors will assist clients in developing sales strategies and understanding the supply chain and sales processes.
  • Incubator management, the Mentoring Team and other business service providers will review intellectual property strategy of the companies. If it is not in alignment with IP norms or needs modification, advisors will provide direction to client companies in this area and help to identify resources and/or professional assistance
  • Potential sources of assistance or linkages for development for prototypes or proof of concept can be provided

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